Thursday, August 12, 2010

Randomness V

Image via Etsy SeaUnicorn

1.  Sunglasses really should be tried on before purchasing (I've decided they can never be purchased online).

2.  Laying glue-down wood floor with less than 3" planks is not my idea of fun.

3.  Martha Stewart's home kitchen collection is screaming my name- one of each please.

4.  Can't stand when you "pass" a song on Pandora, they have to flash an ad everytime and punish you for not liking a song before playing another (really.....!!?!)- ugh!

5.  Wishing today could be a beach morning- hubs, a sweatshirt, beach cruiser, Starbucks, long ride up the Coast.

6.  Not a fan of leggings that look like faux jeans and are worn in the place of jeans, um not for me.

7.  Temper Trap's "Conditions" album has been in my car well over 2 months and I've rocked out to it everyday.

8.  Love when my husband says "badass"- the tone, the usage, makes me laugh every time.


Discovery Street said...

i realized the sunglasses thing head is just to big for most glasses!

Faith said...

ooops i'm guilty of the faux leggings, lol ... couldn't agree more with you about the sunglasses ... i've made that mistake more than once!

jenstillinak said...

I don't get the 'jean' leggings either. If you want to wear leggings just wear a normal color!