Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Light Week

It's going to be a light posting blog week- I'm up to my neck in orders and every spare moment is filled with printing, cutting, punching, packing, and shipping!  A raspberry lemonade sounds nice just about now, but then again, so do many other things!  I still have lots to share from our 1 year wedding anniversary weekend, so more to come possibly next week!

The S&S Studio is nuts, which has me feeling the urge to take some nice photos when chaos is not let loose in full force.  Here's a view into S&S this week:

All that hot pink ribbon is for one client, and yes, will most likely ALL be used

Martha, your products make my life much easier

Only half the orders I have going, my time is so limited now I'm relying on Etsy convos to sort them out!

Caffeine and phone, um..............two must haves while working

And that lemonade is still sounding fabulous just about now!

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Tutti said...

Look how organized you are M!! It's just a beautiful sight. I think you should treat yourself to a tall glass of pink lemonade each time you complete an order. Yummy AND motivational!!

Faith said...

it's awesome how busy you are! it means that all these brides are digging your beautiful work. i agree with Tami, you should def. treat yourself to a huge glass of pink lemonade each time! :)