Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Happened

It's finally happened- hubster and I found a sofa we love!  It's absolutely amazing and I'm pretty convinced that we need to start tucking away some funds to make it ours.

This sofa is an over sized, deep, cushy, down-filled monstrous beast.  I love it!  I also can't get over the gorgeous linen cover (I have a soft spot of amazing linens), and the classic, yet modern feel of it is just up my alley.  The second you sit down in it, you sink into the cushions, as it sits low to the ground.  This is what I want.  I want to be completely comfortable when sitting in a sofa and I want enough room for hubs to take his typical right side seat, and for me to sprawl out across the rest of it right next to him (who are we kidding- when have I had time to do this lately)?  In any case, I'm loving this awesome find from Restoration Hardware.

The style is called the Belgian Classic Roll Arm found here and I was able to snap a few photos during our discovery at the store.  Give me some Belgian linen please:

We were also quite taken by the amazing occasional table, it was gigantic, gorgeous, and was set on castors- which really seemed to have no purpose, but I guess I can appreciate anything that has the option of rolling. This is the amazing Dutch Industrial coffee table:  Can you scope hubs in the background admiring it?

And since I can't get enough linen, we had to put the vintage-washed Belgian linen duvet and shams on the wish list as well- the hand of these are like no other, over the top soft with such an elegant appeal.

I've been a fan of RH's paint colors for some time now, they really get it when it comes to the hues of colors!  If one really knew all the time it takes to research a color and get just the right percentages of white/black mixed in to make an amazing shade, they'd realize why there are individuals that hold the title of "color specialist".  Yes, really, I can appreciate and awesome color that has been thought through!  Although my only request to RH concerning this matter is- offer QUART sizes please, that sampler size is really a joke (hence 'sampler' I guess), and not everyone needs a gallon.  Thanks!


Faith said...

i love the rustic feel of all the pictures you posted! absolutely gorgeous!

The Southbay Newlyweds said...

ohh..loving that couch!!

Tutti said...

Wow. If I've ever seen something that screams your name- this is it!! It's EXACTLY what I would pick out for you if I were your decorator :) That couch looks just dreamy! And when I come to visit- you know you'll catch me napping on a corner of it at least once :)