Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shout Out to the Guy

Hubs and I are approaching our one year wedding anniversary in a few days- has it really been one year since we flew over to Maui, had the time of our lives, got married, stayed in some amazing places, met awesome people, and explored beautiful things?  Awwww, the time has flown by.  And by the end of this year, we'll be celebrating 12 years together (which blows my mind even more)!  To the most amazing man that God could have ever brought into my life........

Photo via: EverythingLovely

Almost 12 years ago, we were kids (sort of)- I just turned 17, he 20 and inseparable:

It's always been him, and always will be.


Faith said...

i love this post!

happy almost one year anniversary!

you both make an absolutely beautiful couple!

Unknown said...

wow!! one year already!?!? congratulations! you two are so sweet together -- ps I love the abc poster - so cute!

Discovery Street said...

awww...happy two are too cute!