Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday

Happy end of the week and yay for the weekend. 

Here's my version of fab beach pics to cap off the week- many have not seen the full photo version of my profile pic, the suspense is released!

All photos of me by Hazelnut Photography

Lots going on over the weekend- Etsy order overload as usge and my sis is officially moving tomorrow to Colorado (time to help her and her family load the truck and move, so sad).  This weekend will not go down without fighting back a few tears.  I was on the phone with sis last night when Zach (big boy nephew, now 3 years old, decides to say hi):

Me:  Hi Zach!
Zach:  Hi Shellwee (Shelly)
Me:  How are you?
Zach:  I'm good Shellwee, I'm good!
Me:  Oh that's cool!  I'll see on you Saturday when we come over (insert my sis telling him we're coming over to help them move to Colorado).
Zach:  OOOoooooooooo.
Zach:  Momma, can I have some snacks.
End of convo.
So cute.
I will miss them so much.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Loving the pics! I'd love to do something similar for my B. pics for the soon-to-be-hubby! :)

Tutti said...

You are such a classic beauty M. I want to be like you when I grow up :)

There is almost nothing that I look forward to more than talking with my little nephews. Half the time I can't understand what they are saying, but it just warms my heart to hear them babble on about whatever is on their minds. Just keep in mind- Skype is a beautiful thing. xoxo

Faith said...

you are stunning! LOVE the pictures!

i love that we both have nephews named Zach. i can't wait when i can have convos with him as you do! :)