Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Randomness VII

Photo via Odette New York

1.  Discovering how to whip up the most awesome homemade facial mask is not only a money saver, it's like scoring the lottery for your skin (I'll post the concoction and spill the secret in another post).

2.  Reporting barking dogs as a nuisance is not as easy as one thought, after calls to the Sheriff, City Hall, the Health Dept, and Animal Control, I still have to follow up and continue to report it- possibly providing documents to City Hall- really?  How about sending an officer out to tell the owner that several little yapping dogs who bark at 6 AM, (most likely every hour of the day while I'm at work), 6 PM, 8:30 PM, 10 PM, Midnight, 1:30-2 AM is unacceptable- period!

3.  If I had unlimited funds, I'd honestly consider flying to Hawaii right now just to get a coconut mocha Starbucks frappuccino.

4.  I think I may have to pick up Martha's Halloween mag issue soon, can't get enough decor ideas even though I have yet to ever throw a Halloween party- doesn't matter, I'll keep buying shizzy.

5.  Attention craft stores:  if you're going to run promotional sales, how about keeping a decent stock of items on the shelf, so perhaps your store could actually profit from the sale (rather than being out of stock of the item before the sale even started, and then having none on the shelf for the sale)- hmmmmm, how does that work? 

6.  I'm not quite sold on peep-toe boots exploding everywhere for this Fall, what do you think?  Cute, or defeats the purpose of boots?

7.  Still haven't touched either of those 2 projects- chair frame nor jewelry stand.  Faith- I know I better get on it before you stick it to me!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Just to let you know, if you have a Barnes & Noble near you they serve Coconut Mocha Frapp.'s! I was able to get one there this summer. Not sure if it was seasonal. The chain Starbucks (not inside B&N) don't have the coconut syrup though so they don't sell them.

Gosh... I sound like a Starbucks freak! lol

Tutti said...

Oooh, reading your comments help ME out! I have a B&N just down the block. SCORE!

Peep-toe-boots? Umm, you won't catch me dead in those.

Oooh- jewelry stand? Do tell! I'm needing to visit the flea market to find some supplies for my new idea for one. Whaaa... Why don't you live closer??

Faith said...

hahahaha, i will stick you! i've been waiting for that post!

eww to the 100th degree on peep-toe boots! super uber ugly!

Coconut mocha Starbucks frappuccino sounds amazing and I've never had one! Count me in on that flight!