Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sneaking Back In to the Mix

Did I really fall off the grid for almost a week?  Sadly, our good 'ol Touchscreen HP computer decided to pose as an unreliable punk and crash on us last week, causing chaos in this pad.  With tons of Etsy orders on the line and the daily use of our computer, this was a huge mishap and set back.  I'm still trying to get back up and running again, but it's a slow process.  Mostly the process is time consuming because we transitioned from an HP with Windows Vista........to.............get ready.............

.........an iMac !!!!!  Woooo  Hoooooo!  My husband said a while back that he wanted our next computer to be a Mac.  Granted- and it's pretty dang sweet.  It's a new learning curve altogether, but one we hope to grasp over time.

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Tutti said...

Welcome back honey!

I am my father's daughter and do not acknowledge the existence of Apple "computers". However, I love you too much to just abandon you because of your computer choice. We just won't talk about it after this, k?

Faith said...

lol to Tami! she is funny!

regardless of your computer choice, i am happy of your return! now start blogging away and keep us updated on all the glorious things that have been keeping you busy ... and i hope one of those includes that project, i am sure you know which one i am referring to!! ;)