Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Yipee Treat

Two amazing purchases were made yesterday, I just had to share!  Hubs is making me feel amazing lately (well let's face it, he has a way of making me feel awesome daily), although he commends my restraint of shopping within the past few years.  I think this habit started when we got our place together and before our wedding.  Shopping was no longer an option, because we knew that money had to be saved for (A.) Items for our home or (B.) The wedding.  I've been on super good behavior about not shopping for clothes and usually when I did, hubs was with me and he purchased them- um....yay!   So he bought me an effing rad brown "leather inspired" jacket from Target, which I LOVE, and an awesome long black top that could be worn with leggings (if we weren't having summer weather still, I'd break them out in a hot minute).  So those lovelies are patiently waiting in my closet, and will these:

Kate Spade Beauties:

And these ivory ballet flats:

Don't be fooled by the awesomeness of these thinking I broke the bank- I paid $99 total for both pairs with the good 'ol help of our discounted buddy, AMAZON!  Heck yeah!  I should receive them promptly in time next week to show off my oh-so-needed pedicure happening this weekend- another special treat!  Excitement all over, hands in the air, shouting "wooo hoooo".  Okay, yeah, done.


Unknown said...

The shoes are SO cute!
PS Amazon has some great deals =)

Faith said...

i love your new shoes! soooo cute! what an awesome hubby! :)

Tutti said...

Oh, I'm waving my hands in the air and yelling 'woohoo' too!! Great buys! I especially love the ivory pair- they will go with anything and add that added element of 'class'. How awesome is your hubs though- seriously?

Sara said...

*love* both of those pairs! Perfect for fall, no wonder you can't wait to wear them :-)