Thursday, November 4, 2010

The High Road

Have you ever started out your day knowing it was going to be rough?  It's one of those for me.  Yapping neighbor's chihuahua dogs barking from 6:30 PM last night to 3:30 AM was brutal.  I don't know what else to do.  Called the sheriff at 1:30 AM and he said an officer was going to call my cell back to discuss "the issue"- never received a call. I've reported this issue in the past, to the sheriff, to the city, to animal control.  What other options do I have but to move?  I wish someone in law enforcement could take this matter seriously, because Hubs and I are losing some serious sleep.  The barkers were at it again by 5:00 AM and are still going at it as I type this.  LAME!!!  Anyone have some awesome advice?

p.s.- I love dogs, but am slowly resenting a certain breed.  Trying to take the high road, it's quite difficult.


FEDERICA said...

I just came across your blog, and I'm glad I did!
Greetings from Italy,

jenstillinak said...

Oh man, I am no help on this one. First, I will let everyone know, I love dogs. I would rather be surrounded by dogs any day of the week than people.

However, we had a neighbor with yappy dogs and it KILLED us for 2 years. We finally got the point where we would open our back door and yell - yes YELL - at the dogs to shut up. One morning I almost went and pounded on their door in my PJ's. If I can hear your stupid dog - so can you!

Everyone is going to think I'm awful, and this is an awful thought, but it was getting so bad that I was considering 'other' ways to take care of the situation. Animal Control didn't care - the cops sure didn't care - the owner OBVIOUSLY didn't care - so I was considering handling it myself.

Thankfully, they moved out about a month ago. I have never gotten such good sleep without having Yappy McYapperson going off all the time.

If all else fails, leave a letter on your neighbors door letting them know you have contacted the police and will continue to until they control their dog - and don't sign your name. No need to single yourself out.

Tutti said...

Oh sweetpea- I totally feel your pain. We have 3 very selfcentered and party-centric young girls living above us. We hear every foot step, every bad rap song they play, and especially every party they throw (at least one a week). Hubs has been averaging 3 hourss sleep a night. We've declared war and now keep a.speaker turned against a shared wall playing our own version of annoying music 24-7. We shall see if it does any good. Im not hopeful though. :(