Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Spirit

I'm so ready for the holidays.  Most people gripe that it's too early to be seeing holiday decor out in stores already, music tunes playing on the radio, and commercials full of jingle bells.  I can't get enough, I love it!  It doesn't stress me out, it actually brings on the complete opposite.  I get super stoked to unload the cozy decor, fill out the Christmas cards, and enjoy hot chocolate or chai.  December holds several celebrations, Christmas, Hubby D's birthday (which is on Christmas day) and our dating anniversary on the 23rd, which also happens to be our "engagement anniversary".  So much excitement.  November is really the kick off to it all- so why not spend 2 months enjoying the season?

Photo via Imali on Etsy

Photo via Pottery Barn


lisaroy said...

I've been starting to think of the holidays too, particularly what my gift wrap theme will be (I choose something different each year - most people think I'm a little crazy). love your blog - just found it and I'm your newest follower! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I like to enjoy christmas things in December, not Nov., becauase I often feel like Thanksgiving gets overlooked and it's such an important and fun holiday too :) This year though, I am pretty excietd Christmas is here. I think for me, it's more that I'm excited this year is ending so I can get married! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

^sorry for all of my typos.. I typed it fast :)

Tutti said...

I love early holiday decor if it's as pretty and tasteful as the photos you posted. But I think I might have a harder time getting into it since LA just doesn't have the appropriate weather for winter holidays. It'll just be WEIRD to be enjoying 70 degree weather, sunny skies, and palm trees while I'm wrapping gifts, decorating my tree, and baking Xmas cookies.

Maybe I'm just a New England girl at heart though.

jenstillinak said...

Oh, I LOVE the holidays!! They really snuck up on me fast this year, it's crazy!!

I think we are going to put up our decorations on my birthday, so in less than 2 weeks our house will be a winter wonderland! I just love the coziness of it all.

What I don't love so much? Lots of snow and ice. If you ever get tired of your gorgeous weather I'll take a picture and send it to you and you can go stand by your open freezer, look at the picture and feel like you REALLY got into the season!

jenstillinak said...

PS - I always want to go crazy when I see the Pottery Barn Christmas catalogs. Too many cute things to drool over!

Michelle said...

Welcome Lisa Roy- thanks for following, I made my way over to your blog as well!

Nicole- I know how you feel, once it hits 2011, you'll have your game face on for the wedding :)

T-Tams, you can't beat sunsets on Christmas Day- it was our tradition to go down to the water every Christmas when my Grandparents were alive, and walk on the beach for the sunset :)

Jen- oh yay, B-day soon! If you send me your snow filled pic, I will put it up on my freezer door, no joke :)

Faith said...

this post got me all excited! i love the holidays. even more excited for them this year!