Monday, November 15, 2010

In the Season

Doesn't this photo inspire you to want to grab a warm Starbucks drink, go browse around antiquing, and shop for ingredients to make baked goods? 

Photo via Country Living

I admit that I would soooo rock those boots.  I'd also blast this song in my Jeep while on my way to the antique store (no idea why I dig it, just a catchy tune):

Speaking of antiquing, D and I scored some rad things this weekend- I'll share the goods soon!


Tami said...

I need your help getting into the Fall season M. Leaves changing, morning frost, and sweatshirts are tell tale signs it's a new season for this New England girl. I'm really struggling figuring out this CA version of Fall with it's sunny skies, 70 degree weather, and sandals. I want whatever it is that you have.

Faith said...

those boots are incredible! i want them!

i have the shorter versions but the long ones are amazing!!!

that picture makes me want to go shopping for those boots!