Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Randomness IX

Photo via Olive Manna

1.  I cannot swallow pills with ease.  I'm lucky if I can get down a small aspirin without gagging.  I'd like to feel as if I'm improving, yet once I verbally expressed my confidence to Hubs that I feel like I'm getting better at it- gag again!

2.  Driving anywhere in CA is a daily struggle- sometimes I wonder if I should strap on a helmet and ugly jumpsuit.

3.  I can't wait to design our Christmas cards this year- we have a "theme" and I'm totally digging it!  I will blog them for sure!

4.  The weather forecast today is nearly 100 degrees, are we sure it's November?

5.  I'm so backed up with my hand-wash garments.  It's too embarrassing to announce how long they've been sitting in the wash tub waiting to be cleaned, I better get to it before D calls me out (which he may have already done a few times).

6.  Fave meal lately- oatmeal parfaits.  You can add some amazing things to oatmeal to turn it into a yum treat, but still feel like you're being healthy.  My fave- peanut butter chips, bananas, and caramel- don't tell me it's unhealthy because I'll keep convincing myself it is.

7.  Are we really into November?

8.  I'm super excited to share some amazing weddings I've made some decor for- super duper can't wait!


Tutti said...

I didn't even REALIZE it was going to be that hot today until I read your blog. Guess I should change out of my cute sweater :)

My hand-wash-garment-pile is embarrassing too. You are not alone my friend.

Sometimes I feel like I'm playing the video game Frogger when I'm out driving here. I'm convinced one of these days one of those crazy Santa Monica pedestrians is just going to pop outta no where and I'm going to lose the game. Totally scares me to death.

Oooh... dying to see your Xmas card design this year. You are SUCH a tease!!

jenstillinak said...

Wow - so many things to address in this post!

1. I can swallow like 9 pills with no water. When you have health issues, you learn to do it quite easily. However, if I have a horse vitamin (not really for horses, just the size), I do need a drink just cause it's awkward.

2. Driving in AK is the same way. By the time I get home from my 40-mile each way commute, I have to walk in the house and seek a solitary place. Clayton knows to give me about 10 minutes to decompress before we recap our days cause I am usually so angry/stressed by someone on the road that I just have to seek confinement before I can be normal again.

3. We don't do Christmas cards. I'm such a loser.

4. I would kill for your weather. It's in the 20's and we have snow that will be around until oh...April.

7. How can it be November already?!? I guess I have passed the point where time crawls and it starts running now! And I turn 30 in a few weeks. *sigh*

8. I can't wait to see your designing deliciousness in the weddings! Woot woot for S&S!

jenstillinak said...

PS - How can a simple picture of a spool of thread look so cozy and comfy?

Faith said...

OMG! I couldn't swallow pills either growing up. One of the reason why I do not take medicine now. The first time I swallowed pills I had no choice. I was going to Ghana and if I didn't take the pills I would have gotten malaria. I swallowed the pills that day! Hahaha.

I can't believe it's November either. The year flew! So crazy!

Yoli said...

My dad has to crush every pill, he cannot swallow them either so I feel for you. What a lovely blog you have here and how very talented you are.