Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's On

I'm overjoyed to be planning the of designs our Christmas cards!  It's been a little tradition the past few years.  I know it's easier to go to the store and purchase cards or search online and order them, although I get a kick out of designing our own.  Hubby D had a great idea this year to go with a throwback retro theme and I'm all for it!  We scored our outfits this past weekend at the local thrift store (both of us found our threads for less than $7), we talked to one of our fave people on Earth- his Step-Mother Alene to take our photos, and I'm pulling together the paper and designs.  Here's a sneak peak:


Paper for envelope liners- but ours has a bit of green in it too:

Template for our throwback photo collage:

The slogan for this year:

I can't wait to finish these, seriously!  D and I were talking about what people may say when they open up our cards this year, and even if one person says W-T- (##(&$@) is this, then we'll be all smiles.  Why not have fun with it?- That's how we feel. 

And we can't wait for our visit to Colorado to see the munchkins!  My sis sent us a video of the boys (pretending to call their Aunt Shelly)- so cute!


Tutti said...

I love you because you even think of envelope liners for your holiday cards. Who does that? M does!!

And those munchkins? Oooh... so precious. Clearly their aunt Shelly has a very special place in their hearts. Let the countdown begin!

And ohmygosh- you and your sister sound so similar- you are voice twins!

Faith said...

that is so neat! Sean and I never do anything original for Christmas cards. we just buy them. based on this post, i am so thinking about going all out. but i will remember tomorrow that this actually involves work and i will change my mind.

can't wait to see the final product!

your nephews are adorable!

jenstillinak said...

I'm dying to see your throwback outfits!! Super cute ideas, I'm so lame I don't even do Christmas cards... Next year, I swear!