Monday, November 8, 2010

Munchkin Cuteness

Our nephews are the cutest.  I know everyone has this feeling toward their own family members, but really, we love our little nephews.  They both have so much personality and spunk- these boys are the best.  I love to tell my sister how darn cute they are- I mean really!!!  We miss them all terribly since they moved to Colorado for her husband's job relocation, although we just booked a holiday trip out to see them.  We are beyond thrilled to get to chase the boys around, tickle them, splash pirate ships in the bath and read them bedtime stories.  I used to wrap up Zach (our oldest nephew) in his blanket and sing him a little song about wrapping him up like a burrito- weird, I know, but he laughed every time.  I wonder if he's outgrown this now?  My sister called me the other day during work and left me a message about Zach telling her that I was chasing him around the house and he was hiding under the table while I was tickling him (a dream he had)- too cute.  It made me smile and happy to know we are still in his mind- a worry we had that they will forget us now that we don't live close by.  We enjoy doing ichat with them on the computer, just another way to keep in touch.

They just had their family photos taken for holiday cards, and I adore each and every one.  I'll have to check with my sister about posting one of her (by the way- she's a rad mama)- if she's cool with it, I'll add one later on!

All photos taken by JLM Creations


jenstillinak said...

O. M. G. What cute little guys, the youngest has such a little man's face in the pic of the two boys - they are adorable!

Everytime I think of leaving Alaska, I realize how much I would miss being involved in my niece and nephews lives. I can't imagine not knowing them, or not being able to watch them grow up.

Being an Aunt is the best!

Faith said...

omg, they are adorable!