Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moving- Slowly

I'm moving slowly this morning.  This week is nuts with Etsy orders.  Went to bed just before 1AM, alarm went off at 5AM and I was not ready for the day.

Here's what life has been like lately:

Eyebrows are freakish, and although I remind myself to call everyday for an apt., it doesn't happen.

I did manage to squeeze in a movie with Hubby D last weekend- ahhhhhhhhh, the life of doing nothing for 2 hours, a treat which doesn't happen very often!

Have a gnarly bruise on my leg, actually 2, and don't know how they appeared.

Have been back on a running-workout schedule with D, which although is tiring, has felt extremely good and I know my body needs it.

I'm still running on Starbucks on a daily basis, haven't been able to kick that habit.

Well overdue for a hair apt.- but what's new?

D "allowed" me to buy 2 new dresses, and although they were Target finds, LOVE THEM!

I'm sure there's much more going on, but I'm too tired to think what more to share.  Hope everyone is having a great week- I have some major blog catching up to do!


Nicole-Lynn said...

You're such a night owl! haha j/k I had to say it! :)

That's great the orders are coming in and you're keeping busy! You'll be working on Etsy full time in no time! :) I love when the hubby gives into my ways and let's me buy clothes too... so fun! :)

Hope you're doing well.. hopefully I'll get some pics to show you soon!

Faith said...

that's awesome you're keeping busy with orders! means people love what you're making! :)

hope you get a few hours for yourself to enjoy the beautiful weather and your hubby.

i have to check out Target for some dresses too!