Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Were Up To

So, more projects, more photos, and more things you'll be waiting to see "completed photos of."  Okay, okay, I will really try to better with the 'after photos'.  Not that I'm a tease, but seriously I'm a bit unhappy with my camera lately.  It's old school.  Bless D's heart for dropping big bucks on it years ago, but we both agree it's time for a camera upgrade.  I want to be able to take gorgeous photos, maybe even take some classes on how to use the new said camera.  Guess I better get a new camera first.  I kinda have been blog stalking photographer's blogs to see if they spill the beans on what type of camera they use.  Not that I need a fancy-schmancy camera, but I do want to invest in a relatively great one.  Anyone who's got any recommendations, I'm all ears (or eyes to read what you've got to throw out there)!'s what we've been working on.......

Painting frames for my 'show table' (that's another post), and for use in my studio office

Having a husband who is willing to spray paint frames on an annoyingly windy day = a grateful wife

Scraping lobster baskets to line with canvas, for storage use underneath our coffee table

Preparing fabrics for something exciting!

Keeping Busy!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Funnn! I can't wait to see how everything looks!

Bird Bug Pug said...

i'm excited to see the finished product with those fabrics!

don't look at my blog's pictures because i hate the idea of learning how to use my little nikon coolpix, but my husband, Bird, does have a fancy semi-professional camera and when he comes homes i'll have to tell you what it is, nikon something