Thursday, June 23, 2011

Noting Lovely Things

Do you save inspiration photos?  Do you rip out pages of magazines of things you like, design ideas, recipes?  Do you have stacks of those pages that are waiting to be organized?  Do you save favorite items weekly in your Etsy "faves"?  Do you save photos you love while blog browsing (sometimes forgetting to jot down the source of where you found it)? 

I'm guilty of all of the above, and D would be the first to call me out about my magazine stacks.  I've slowly improved, not allowing them to build up so much before scanning through them.  I can't help myself with the inspiration- whether it's home design, holiday decor, recipes, baby/children decor, entertaining ideas, I save them all.  Perhaps I feel that if one day I happen to win the lottery (hey, who knows), then I'll be all set as far as what's possible.  And if not, then at least I'd have ideas to admire and contemplate what could be achieved on a budget.  Either way, I enjoy collecting.  What do you save?

Here are some recent finds:

via CB2

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Bird Bug Pug said...

i have a collection of ripped magazine pages in a cute purple accordion file thingy in storage back in the US

moving to Sydney short term definitely makes me a minimalist now
1-i purchase no magazines what-so-ever
2-all i can save are pictures from the internet into my "projects" or "dream house" folders for future use
3-i can purchase no home goods because in the end i don't want to have to ship anything back to the US

but yes, i have etsy favorites too!

is it wrong to just end up making easy etsy finds yourself and saving the money? oh well~