Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer 'Round the House

I'm well overdue for a much needed day of relaxation of doing nothing- laying in the sun, catching up on reading, then cooling off with coconut lotion in comfy clothes while perusing mags and eating frozen yogurt.  Sounds like a good holiday weekend to me! 

Summer Essentials:

Seashells all around (they make me happy)

Scott Weiland's new book- can't wait to read it!  Many of you do not know my STP obsessions, dates back to the 5th grade, no joke!

Lavender filled pitcher.  Puuuurdy.

Hope your Summer's off to a bang!


Sara said...

coconut lotion and comfy clothes.... life doesnt sound any better than that

Faith said...

ahhh coconut lotion and a lavender filled pitcher is divine ... i can smell it in the air! :)