Monday, September 26, 2011

Evidence of a Domestic Housewife

I don't cook or bake as much as a wife should.  Not that I don't want to, or that I don't think I can (I truly believe I can whip up some amazing meals), it's more of a time issue.  During the week, I work on Etsy bright and early when I wake up, then go to the Post Office to ship orders, then off to work, and back home to work on Etsy for the remainder of the night.  The work load always seems insane, so meals get put on the back burner and typically we go for easy, time-saver choices.  I hope this changes soon though.  I have so many recipes saved, gathered (some organized, some not), waiting to be tested out.  It's a skill waiting to unfold.

As promised, I made my husband cookies yesterday.  I had briefly mentioned on Saturday how I wasn't sure if I was going to make them or not (partially kidding), and D reminded me that I had already promised, as did I declare my intentions last week on the blog, and if it didn't happen, he would come on the blog and call me out as a fraud.  Nice.

Without further delay, the evidence of a baking wife:

Have to admit, they were delicious!  I may just have another this morning.

Lots of exciting things in store for blogging this week.  I've realized there have been a few highlights within the past two months that I haven't shared yet, so those will be posted as well as an exciting design guest post from Susi over at Design Shuffle.  Stay tuned, it's going to be an exciting week!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Ohh they look so delicious! I want one! :) Glad you were able to take some free time over the weekend to do something fun.

Loving all the posts... kinda motivates me to get with it and start posting more! I'm seriously slacking.

Damon said...

Im not only excited for the cookies (i ate so many) but I look forward to these exciting blogs just as well...hope your day is dynamic and I love you.

Faith said...

those cookies look delish! professional actually ... i think you are a domestic housewife on the low, hehe.