Monday, September 12, 2011

Starting off the week with Maui Memories

Happy it going to seem like a long week since last week was a short one?  Actually, even with the holiday last week, it seemed to be the longest week ever, no?

We had a pleasant surprise on Saturday when we woke up, and our favorite person ever to live in Maui, Ian Shepherd, sent our Maui photos over from our trip.  I'm so excited to get our disc and share more, just thought I'd show a few:

Oh Maui......we love you....and miss you....and can't wait to return!


Tutti said...

These came out fabulous M!! If I had to pick a favorite- the bottom one would be it! Ian has more talent in his pinky fingernail than I have in my entire being.

Faith said...

omg, your pictures are fabulous! i love the light in the first one! but all of them are amazing!!!

jenstillinak said...

Love these!! You look gorgeous in all of them, it's easy to take such a great photo when you have such good looking subjects! :)

And Maui....there's no words, I can't wait to visit her again in June!!

Damon said...

Such a killer time.....i miss it...bad

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

ahhhh that water is so pretty!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

SIGHH! Beautiful pictures girlie! What an amazing opportunity to take your anniversary trip there and get beautiful pictures together! They turned out amazing! Love y'alls outfits too! :)

I can only assume you'll frame some of these beauties!