Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Randomness X

Wow, it's been a while since a "randomness" post, so why not bring it back  :) Great way to kick things back into gear on the good 'ol blog:

1.  I like to use the "window down, hair blow in the wind" method more than I should to air dry my hair.  Not the best of results, but call it lazy if you'd like.

2.  I'm one of those girls who can tolerate bumping Ludacris's "Rollout" while riding in D's truck, without getting offended.

3.  I don't care for the ease into Fall, I'd rather have a chill in the air and cold weather immediately, rather than a mild day, to a hot day, to an overcast day.  It all feels a bit off.

4.  We bought a new Nikon camera, and I still haven't read the manual.

5.  I don't like leaving the drain stoppers out of the sink/shower, I feel like spiders or creatures may crawl out of the drain.  Is that even possible?

6.  My husband does so much for me, more than he gets credit for.  He does things without being asked, takes care of things in all aspects of our marriage and household.  If he's reading this, I hope he's smiling and that he knows I love him more than anything!

1 comment:

Damon said...

Your right, I am smiling and I love you much more than anything in my life.