Thursday, July 29, 2010


Growing up, I was not a fan of my freckles.  I thought they were weird and felt they should be covered up.  I had envy for those girls with golden tan skin who could wear shorts when it was cold and have perfect looking legs rather than pasty legs with goosebumps and little freckles all over them.

As I've gotten older, I've embraced the freckles.  I think a turning point was when I met my husband (almost 12 years ago) who complimented me all the time on how beautiful I looked.  I thought "if he thinks I'm beautiful with these freckles, they must not be too bad."  Before we got married, I decided to work with a professional photographer to take photos for him- boudoir photos if you will.  While looking back through them recently, I noticed several highlighting my freckles and I can gladly say they no longer bother me one bit.  Who would have known? 

Photo credit: Hazelnut Photography

Small shout out to the hubs, I could listen to "our" Coldplay song anytime, anyday!  We had our wedding video edited to this song and it will always remind me of our day.  Thanks booger, for always making me feel beautiful!

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Faith said...

that is one of the things i love so much about the hubby ... his freckles! freckles are gorgeous and so are you!