Monday, July 19, 2010

Trade Show Wrap Up

This past week was the CA Gift Show in Los Angeles where the trade attends several booths at the Convention Center, as well as the LA Mart, to scope out new products.  They have everything from jewelry, to paper products, housewares, furniture, garden, children's goods, bridal, and more!  I attended with my boss for Interior Design and she ordered fun new things for the company.

Of course I had my phone in hand for the things that popped out at me.  Okay, now to set up this amazing chair, it was no less than absolutely stunning!  I showed hubs and he agreed we'd have them as dining chairs if we could afford it.  This chair was beautiful, a classic chiavari design with a modern twist made of clear acrylic.  Gorgeous!

Next were these amazing paper flowers.  They were just part of a vendor's display, but I found them gorgeous.  She wouldn't allow photos, but I figured since they weren't even related to the product she was selling (which were soaps), I would sneak in a few camera phone shots.  I LOVE THEM!  I want to make some for my office.

Finally were these amazing glass bulb light fixtures by Tade, a French line found here.  They were so clean looking, yet fun.  In the right space, they would be real statement pieces.

It feels good to be back home.  It was great to see the products we did and I would like to go back again to perhaps spend more than two days.


jenstillinak said...

That chandelier is to die for! How cool everything is!

Faith said...

i am in love with that chair too and wow, the chandelier, wow, wow!