Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Press Here, Press There

I'm so amazed at how awesome it is to be connected with such rad people.  Opening S&S and working with people from all over the U.S., even internationally, has given me such a feeling of accomplishment even though S&S has only been open for 6 months.  Some clients, depending on the scope of work and detail in the order, become great friends through it all since we have constant communication and several back and forth revisions involved in an order.  When projects are completed, it's both a feeling of satisfaction that they will be receiving something they are pleased with, yet it's also a bit sad to no longer have that daily communication.  I've kept in contact with several clients to date and I can't wait for them to share their photos with me of how S&S was included somehow in their lives, even if it's just in a small way.

I'm proud to announce that S&S is getting out on the grid people!  Yipee!  Check out the following press:

Ashley King over at Ashley King Photography featured a vendor spotlight on S&S.  A fun interview on some things you may not know about myself and Sweet Peas and Seashells.  Read it here   Thanks Ash!!!  Check out her broad range of photography work involving childrens portraits, family photos, friends sessions, boudoir, and weddings/engagements.

Mouse over at the Souris Mariage has a nifty little S&S ad shining there on the right hand side of her blog, visit here.  Loving it, loving it!!!  And OMGosh, her blog is amazing- read on people, it includes a range of content including her own wedding planning and humor galore!

Estilo Weddings has partnered with S&S and is currently carrying select items including bouquet tags, table runners, and chair signs.  Be sure to check out the site here, as they will be carrying exclusive S&S designs that can only be purchased directly through their site.  This is such an awesome resource site for those planning their wedding, a must have to check out- even offering a personal shopper feature!

Press is exciting.  It makes me happy for S&S and blessed for the exposure that's already come about.  Thank you to those mentioned above, all the wonderful clients that truly make it happen, and my husband for understanding the time sacraficed to make S&S a reality, one that seems to be grabbing the attention of awesome people!


jenstillinak said...

YAY!!!! I am so happy for you! You have a lot to be proud of, and I'm glad I got in on some of the Sweet Peas & Seashells originals! Like I said before, when you become the next Martha, I will be able to brag to everyone about all of the great stuff in our wedding from you! I can't wait! :)

♥ ashley said...

That's exactly what I said to Michelle too (about becoming the next Martha)!!! SO TRUE! :)