Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love Naturally No. 3

S&S is frantically attemping to add new items to the shop, as we all love to see new things every now and then, right?  These attempts usually get put on hold when client's projects become priority, but when there is that little spare moment to finish a thought, I get it posted pronto.  The new Love Naturally No. 3 has that clean, yet vintage feel with a touch of sweet lace.  Are we loving the "LOVE"?

Found here

Speaking of love, just a few Etsy finds as of late that I'm also loving:

Awesome Coat

Island print

Floral Scarf


Unknown said...

I love this!! it's so sweet =)

jenstillinak said...

You know what I love even more? My sign!! I sent you a gushing email about everything, but OMG, I can't get over it!!
That said, I love this sign too, the lace holding it is such a perfect touch! Another awesome creation!