Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Go Go Go

I'm a bit busy, actually over the top busy! Today I will meet the one and only Debs for breakfast (our weekly routine which is usually Fridays except I'll be out of town so it's today)- making time for awesome people in my life is a must have, then off to work meeting with vendors and continuing the daunting task of helping open our new design showroom- that's driving to two locations people, then possibly back to the warehouse at work, then home to workout with hubs, somehow squeeze in dinner, off to help sis pick up a sofa before they move to Colorado (they HAVE to get this sofa before it's out of stock, and well, hubs has a truck to pick it up in), then home to work on Etsy orders before I leave for LA for business on Thurs. and Fri.   Did I mention I woke up tired?  Among it all, I miss spending time with my hubs- oh booger, can we do something awesome together this weekend?  Lots going on with work, I think a trip to Pizza Port or Cheesecake Factory may be in store, and maybe even a few hours at the beach??!  Would be nice.

Little blog will be quiet for the rest of the week, back to the norm next week!


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Faith said...

busy bee. take care of yourself & def. go to Cheesecake factory, my fav. have a great weekend. see you next week!