Monday, October 4, 2010

Back in the Groove- For Real!

Ok, ok, ok- so I've been MIA and now I'm back in full force.  That darn computer mishap almost 2 weeks ago got me spinning like crazy.  Lots of catch up was needed and it's quite the long boring story that no one wants to hear, nor would they ever want to happen to them.   A computer crashing in any "normal" circumstance is annoying enough, but a computer crashing on a designer causes chaos of all proportions, with the simplest of things needing attention (such as reloading fonts, reinstalling programs, etc.).  Lame.  I'm still in the process of getting it all running again, but am just now feeling the end to the catch-up-crazy-madness  (crossing fingers I didn't just jinx myself).  The past week and a half has been a blur.  Did you notice my last post said Tuesday Tunes, but the post was on Wednesday??!  Um ya, it's been kinda like that.

So, moving along- there are tons of exciting things to post, although I need to get snapping with my camera to document these fun happenings.  Here are a few things that have been on my mind:

-Looking forward to getting back some real photos from the recent weddings I've designed for- some of them will be out-of-this-world!

-Faith:  please call me out on the lack of project completion, because yes, neither project has been touched. My new goal- this weekend!

-I got some new threads a few weeks back (before our computer crashed) when I felt it was acceptable to spend money on new clothes since it had been a while.  Maybe a clothing post is well overdue?

-I'm feeling the urge to purchase something on Etsy, just because I feel like it.

-I'm determined to spend at least one evening relaxing on the sofa with hubs, doing absolutely nothing, and not worry about 10 gazillion other things while doing so.

-Can't wait to go running with D after work and feel like I am doing something for myself again.

-I figured out how to save/copy photos on the Mac and pull them into a programs/paste.  This is huge!


Photo via House Beautiful


Faith said...

hahaha, this post made me smile AND laugh. especially the Tuesday tunes part, lol.

i understand ... i won't even bother you about the projects since i see how hectic the last few days must have been with the computer crash!

hope you have a great week and post all the pictures of the completed projects/weddings! :)

Tutti said...

What a tease you are M! Sounds like you have a great lineup of topics for us! Would LOVE to see all your "real weddings" as well as your new threads, and what you settle on for your Etsy purchase. I'm also LOVING that beachy picture you posted. Have I ever told you how much I adore your style? Cause I totally do.

Kathy said...

Yay!! So glad you're back and at it again! Missed your amazing inspirational posts! Sorry you had comp issues. I usually slam the keys and start it sounds like you got through that a lot better than I. Can't wait to see the real wedding pics! Post post post!!