Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome a New Week

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Thoughts:  I'm glad it's a new week.  Last week was brutal for me.  I was pretty much in a 'mood' all week, several factors contributing, enough to where D said something to me this weekend about it.  Of course I shed tears afterwards.  A combination of things were brewing:  more headaches than normal, new vitamins to get accustomed to, work, idiots left and right on the road EVERYDAY (nearly avoided an accident on Fri. when a "Zonie" cut me off)- no offense to Arizona drivers, but maybe some should learn how to drive when coming to CA.  Things had been stacking up all week, then we decided to clean out the garage on Saturday which stirred up more of my less than patient emotions and that was it.  Most of the rest of the day was a wash, I said very few words to my husband, took a nap in the afternoon and can't really recall what the rest of the evening entailed.  I'm ready for this new week.

One thing we did do Saturday morning was a remembrance walk for D's brother Jonas with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  It was just as emotional as it was the time we had attended before, and there is absolutely no way such an event wouldn't bring tears to your eyes.  Not only are you saddened by your own loss, but you feel the pain of others around you for those they have lost.  Although, the mixed emotions always bring out an empowerment of the cause, to raise awareness, support, and help to possibly save others lives.  We miss Jonas.  We will always love him.  We will continue to walk to remember him for years to come and to help others.  I encourage anyone who may be interested in learning about suicide prevention to visit AFSP, it is an out-of-this-world organization that must continue to be successful in order to have a voice and research structure for those who aren't heard.  Did you know that 90% of suicides were of individuals with a mental illness or depression that could have been treated with intervention or medication?  Did you know there is a high risk for physicians and physicians in training to become depressed or suicidal due to their demanding or stressful occupation?  There are so many prevention projects in the works that deserve support, and will continue to be supported by both my husband and I.

Nonetheless, it's been a trying week and I have lots of messages to return.  I apologize to those who deserve to have emails returned.  I have been thinking about many of you and am getting back on the ball this week with emails, orders, and blogs. 

Many Hugs,


Tutti said...

Oh M. I wish I could just run down there and give you a Tami-sized hug. Sometimes- we just have bad weeks. We all have them. Keep your chin up and it is bound to get better. And know that you have friends out there that love you. xoxo

Unknown said...

=/ I'm sorry you have had such a trying week. I had one of those -- it sucks and sometimes you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You'll get out of it though and emerge into the beautiful warm sunshine of your fabulous life and husband =) Keep your chin up doll, it'll get better =)

Faith said...

that is the best thing about life. tomorrow is always a new day. everyone has those days/weeks where we just are well, sucky. i hope this week is a billion times better for you!

Michelle said...

Thanks girls :) Your sweet little comments rock!