Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tunes

I can listen to Band of Horses pretty much anytime of the day, over and over again nonstop.  They just evoke one of those sounds that jives with my taste, no matter what mood I'm in.

This morning, I'm sitting in our comfy bed working on the laptop surrounded my fluffy pillows and my good 'ol Starbucks (that hubs kindly brings me frequently- oh the best), a cream cheese pumpkin muffin (no comments T-Tams- I'm kinda being good, sort of), and the blinds slightly cracked open.  I wish I could delay time so I don't have to get up and drive to work.  I have some fun Etsy orders coming up and look forward to working on those in the evenings and early mornings.  A glimpse of my morning:

I'm also stoked on some goodies that we picked up this weekend while running errands, so I thought I'd share the small things that make me smile:

Martha lunch container with handy-dandy ice pack and all-in-one 3 container deal-io!  LOVE!

Two FREE Mac lipsticks (yes folks, recycle your empty Mac containers and when you've gathered 6, bring 'em in for a free lipstick).

Fresh Basil- Love the smell, love the taste, love the freshness!

All photos via Google, Bedroom photo via muwa!


Tutti said...

Oh M- I'm just in love with your bedroom! Those curtains are gorgeous!! And no, I won't comment on the muffin- it sounded to scrumptious for any kind of reprimand. I used to grow basil by the boat loads in NC. Oh the aroma... it's just so inspiring. And I love the new artists you are turning me on to!!

Faith said...

i am in love with your bedroom too! can you come and do mine? actually my whole house. thank you.

i saw those muffins at Starbucks this weekend. i didnt bother to try it b/c i sort of have a addicting personality and once i like something, that is it.


Kathy said...

mmm...cream cheese pumpkin muffin... in bed?? w/coffee?!

You indeed have the sweet life. :)