Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tunes- Life Ain't So Shitty

Why do I sometimes forget the oldies?  Okay, not oldies in terms of how we discuss music today, but for me, the comfort sounds of my teenage years, the albums I listened to over and over and still love.  Blind Melon was only BM because of Shannon Hoon (rest his soul), and that man had one an amazing voice.  Hubs can't stand BM, but growing up on the sounds- I bust it out when he's not around.  How could I have forgotten about this song?  I would listen to it to brush off those 'bad days'- perfect for letting go of last week.  Yay for some reminiscing.

I have to also share this awesome site I cam across yesterday.  I find so many wonderful sites through random blogs (which I admit I frequently don't track back on my browser to remember the linked poster).  The lovely WhiteFlower Farmhouse has just about every accessory known to a beach house lover such as myself.  All those stunning things you don't necessarily need for your home, but totally want!  Yep, this is the one-stop-shop.  If I lived on the East Coast, I would stalk their estate sales and have a serious hole in my pocket from snatching up all their goodies.  My ultimate love is their use of recycled materials, reuse people!  Check out their lovely blogs as well for some amazing decor ideas and remodeling budgeted projects.

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Tami said...

I love Blind Melon too- totally brings me back. Good stuff.

Ooooh, beach house fabulousness? I'm so going to check it out now!