Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surrounded by Goodies

I've got some fab recent purchases for the home to share with you all- loving!  I'll be posting a few photos of how these items have been used in our home later this week!

My obsession with pillows continues.  Ask hubby D, we can't have enough.  Most are stored for different times of year, but that's what's nice about removable covers- change 'em out and re-use the inserts.  I'm thinking of making some flannel plaid covers for this winter (um..........asking myself- when do you have time woman), but I'm digging the look and feel inspired.  Either that or an awesome deer silhouette pillow- also digging!  We picked up a few burlap covers at good 'ol PB and we couldn't be more pleased.  Perfect for fall, transitioning to winter, and we really do use them for months on out!

photo via Google

Festive pumpkins- these buds are faux pumpkins this year.  Proof later this week of what happens when I accessorize with real pumpkins:

I also scored an awesome basket for my S&S studio office and I'm anxiously waiting on it's arrival!  It's has a perforated front and back, with open wire sides, 13" long by 9" wide.  Adore!  I can't wait to add it to my office shelf to help me keep organized.  Purchased from my newly found fave shop, White Flower Farmhouse (my basket is the one pictured on the top in the photo):

And, the classic muffin.  We all know the flavor by now, and it will be eaten soon, so no follow up photos on this beast:

photo via google, pumpkin cream cheese muffin

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Tutti said...

You got me addicted to the WFF blog too! Such great stuff!! Can't wait to see that fabulous basket in it's new home :)