Monday, October 25, 2010

Cozy Threads

This weekend was full of getting things accomplished, but there always seems to be more on "the list."  One day at a time is what I need to remind myself.

D and I actually snuck in an evening for a date night on Saturday and braved the crowds at Cheesecake Factory for a nice little dinner.  We sat outside on the patio with dimmed lights and a heat lamps.  I have to admit, it was perfect.  Anytime you know you're going out to eat at a place with a menu comparable to a book, you'll find something you love and leave with a happy-full feeling.  Yes!

Here's how happy we were to be going out on date night:

I realized I haven't posted my little shopping purchases, which are being worn in this photo:
Target long sweater- $24.99!!!!  Target leggings $6.  Target tank $9.  Nine West flats.  Some oldies but goodies already in the wardrobe closet- Banana Republic necklace.  Blustarfruit necklace.  Vera Wang tote.  Hubs Vonzipper aviators (love).

By the way, how adorable is Hubby D?!!!  And how pastey are my legs?  And how drab is my hair?  Sometimes you don't realize these things until you look back in photos.  Haha.

As promised, some fun posts this week, so stay tuned, I'm excited to share!  xoxoxo


Tutti said...

Oh stop with the 'drab hair' and 'pasty legs'... you are too cute for words!

And date nights.. are what makes the world a better place.

jenstillinak said...

Girl, you haven't seen pasty until you have seen me. I give the guy from the movie 'Powder' a run for his money! Living in a place where it rains for the 3 months of 'summer' that we have does not help the situation at all.

You looked adorable, and I am now craving Cheesecake Factory even though I've only been there twice. Again - Alaska....

Just curious - is there a big wait for your goodies now? I just want to know so that I can get my requests in with enough time! I love, love, love your wedding goodies!

Kathy said...

Love both your looks!! That long sweater is the cutest!! I just heart sweaters! And you're not drag and pastey!

Faith said...

i love your outfit! so cute! i love Target! i need to pick up some things, hehe.

i love Cheesecake Factory! so yummy. i can eat there everyday if hubby would let me.

excited to read your posts this week!

Damon said...

babe,your always smoking.....none of that jiber jab about you all pasty,your just the way I love you.