Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog Face Lift

This little blog is slowly getting a face lift- well overdue, slowly but surely it is happening.  It's been a while now that I've been poking around Blogger, trying to figure out the little additions and customization options.  Although I loved the simplicity of my rather "plain", non-fussy blog, I've also been wanting to freshen up the background while keeping it neutral, and add some top button options for easy navigation.  Most all the buttons are "coming soon", but I'll be adding to them one at a time.

My new title header was inspired by my business cards, a similar look to my last design, just a bit fresher!

Remember these cards, that the lovely Alex of AP designed for me?  Still loving them!


Kathy said...

Oh I love it!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Loving the new look! Very nice!

Tutti said...

The 'linen-y' background is so you :) Looks great M!