Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project Hutch- Round Two

As I've mentioned, projects are getting completed (you may ask, when the heck will they be done, geeeez?)- I ask myself every weekend.  Ha.  After hours into painting our hutch this past Saturday, D and I we're becoming delirious.  We decided to stop at leaving only the door frames and drawers left to be done for round three.  Once those are complete, we can add the backboard (which still needs to be purchased and painted) and add all the hardware, and this project will be complete- easier said than done.  Not to mention getting it into the apartment from the garage (ugh).

Anyway, all the photos taken show off D's mad painting skills (I lifted more than a finger too), but decided to play photographer as well:

Oh, and the infamous chair- (in the background) just got dropped off at the upholsterer's yesterday, FINALLY!!!

And a teaser for those who have been poking and prying for a shot of our new sofa:

We love it!  I can't wait to show the entire living room once we get photos and artwork up on the walls.  Do you dig our new coffee table?  It's one of our fave Rustic Rooster additions, and I'd say it fit's the bill. 

We also hung our new pendant in the corner of the room above the sofa's chaise (my claimed spot).  The simple white drum shade with hanging glass bulbs, resembles bubbles.  We're quite pleased with how it fits in our space, even with our low ceilings.  This was another "work purchase opp" and I was right on it!

Can't wait to continue sharing our updates!  Stay tuned!

Did I mention I spend more time on Etsy orders a week than I do trying to finish these home projects?  Our projects pose as my "break time" from Etsy, as every other second is typically absorbed around making orders or going to the supply store to purchase materials for orders.  How am I walking around as a non-zombie?  Hubby D likes to treat me to shoulder rubs and jamba juices- life is still good!


Faith said...

the hutch is looking so good! i can't wait to see the completed work!! also can't wait to see the chair in all its glory!

i am digging your new couch and table! it's perfect! i just love the colors in your home! it's beautiful!!!

can't forget your glass bulbs! too many awesome things in one post ... i can't deal!! haha.

can't wait to see pictures of the complete update! :)

scsd said...

Can't wait to see it, I LOVE that pendant!

~Blair @ scsd

Dana said...

Just found your blog through Cup of Jo. Now following you :) Can't wait to see everything completed.


design elements said...

can't wait to see it. lovely greetings from Germany

Yanyan said...

I have been waiting for this post and can't wait to see the final Hutch!! And I love the pendant too!

Nicole-Lynn said...

So exciting! It's all coming together! I love the look and feel of it all! So nice!