Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sticky Situation

Dearest Google search,

I am in search of contact paper, shelf liner, drawer lining paper, whatever you call it these days.  Yes I'm a designer, but I can't seem to wrap my brain around finding some awesome shelf paper.  I'm not talking that fuuuuugly faux marble paper that scream tacky, I'd like something patterned or striped, a tad bit of fun.  Why is this search so difficult. 

p.s.- I would rather not spend $60 on one roll of shelf paper.

p.s.s.- I'm beginning to think maybe I'll resort to fabric, because I'm just not coming across any coolness.

Dearest Readers,

Any suggestions?   :)


Tutti said...

I've struggled with this quest all my life.

Do either of these do it for you?


Tutti said...

The other thing you could do, is get scrap book paper and put a Modge Podge layer on the top. Then use spray adhesive (the non-perm kind) and create your own. A bit more work, I know- but can get ultra custom with that.

jenstillinak said...

Oooh, I love Tami's idea about the scrapbook paper! I also am disenchanted with shelf lining. We currently have some striped stuff that isn't too bad, but it's not really good either. There is a ton of cute scrapbook paper though!

I love, love, love your couch and the hutch is looking awesome! Can't wait to see the final picture!

Michelle said...

Thanks girls :) I did consider scrapbook paper (but you both know I'm too anal to have "seams" in my liner)- hahahaha! The search continues! You did get me thinking about alternative options now.

Our Family said...

I know this seams crazy, but the dollar tree does have some stuff from time to time. I got a basic tan and white striped pattern there once. It is worth popping in from time to time while you search.