Monday, May 2, 2011

Popping in

I'm popping back in- had lots to complete last week with Etsy!  It's feeling nice to get things completed.  Project hutch is still in the works, as well as project chair (it's almost done), and project living room.  D and I are getting excited!

On a side note, we were driving to Starbucks this weekend (where else) and saw a pick-up truck in the lane next to us but ahead a car length.  In the back was stacked junk, but an awesome vintage looking outdoor chair amongst the pile.  Both D and I made a comment on how awesome it looked.  I was convinced this guy was taking it to the dump because of the other items it was combined with and the way it was thrown in the truck.  D wanted to catch up to the dude so that we could ask him if he was throwing it away, if so, we had enough nerve built up to ask if we could have it.  Instead, we got stuck driving behind an old grandma going 10 miles under the speed limit and the truck drove away.  No chance to ask.  Bummed.

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Tami said...

Reason #538 why I love you M.