Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Splurge

My husband convinced me that for all of my hard work lately, I should reward myself with a shopping trip.  Online shopping trip you say?- I made that happen in a quick 10 minute break from Etsy orders, logged onto Amazon, found these aqua beauties right in front of my eyes, my fave color, the only size left (in my HUGE woman size), ummmmm, sold.

Told ya this girl doesn't pay full price ~most of the time  ;)

What have you been eyeing for this upcoming summer?  New sandals?  A new pair of shades?  A light-weight striped scarf that doubles as a cover up?

Me?  All of the above.  Just took care of the first, permanently borrowed D's aviator shades for this year (although he may not know yet), and have been hinting on that scarf.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, can't wait for summer.  We've vowed to plan more beach hang outs, picnics, bike rides, and quality couple time.

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Good for you two! Summertime is so fun, and there are endless things to do! :)