Monday, April 19, 2010

A Little Sluggish

So, not only is it a sluggish Monday, but hubs has the day off today and I would totally prefer to stay home and do nothing and enjoy his company, as opposed to work.  Blah.  Not only is the motivation factor a bit off today, but Starbucks has dogged one of their loyal customers (me)!!!!   My one and only go-to drink, the Carmel Frap is now being made differently, as are the Fraps in general, now made with a different mixture and method- it has less of a coffee taste, is more bland in my opinion, and this has really got me in a funk.  I want my drink back, especially on a day like today.  Boo on SB!

However, the pluses are:  Save $ not buying them, have fun looking for a new indulgence, and going home to hubs homemade chili cooking in the crockpot.

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jenstillinak said...

Don't you hate it when FI/DH is home and you aren't? Clayton is a student and works at night so he is home most days when I am at work, and gone most nights. It kills me to leave him and our dog in bed every morning, it's just not fair. I just want to cuddle back up and sleep....until I get my first Red Bull!!