Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Special Day of a Bride- Tami's Day is Here!!!!!

Today is Tami and Adam's wedding day.  To a stunning bride and deserving husband- may today be a day you will cherish always.  Tami- Shine on beautiful bride, I hope nothing but the most amazing day for you and Adam.  Your planning and dedication to this day, and most importantly, the love you share will make today one of the most special days within your lifetime. 

Tami is such an awesome friend that I had the pleasure of meeting during my own wedding planning on the networking wedding site Project Wedding.  We have kept contact through both our planning processes and become close friends during that time.  Tami lives on the East Coast and I live on the West, but she will be moving to LA this summer and I can't wait to plan BFF get togethers!

Throughout our rather long emails at times, which turned into texts once she left for her destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii, we have  formed a friendship that I have no doubt will be life-long.  Perhaps we have such a bond because we both planned our weddings on the same island in Hawaii and have a passion for that location and the emotions it envokes just being there.  Reading her texts and viewing the photos she sends brings back memories that seem so recent, I feel as if I were back in Maui.  I so proudly text her the infamous "wedding day weather report" this morning and her demeanor seemed calm and focused.  I'm patiently waiting for the photos to begin texting in to see her smiling face. 

Tami- today is your day gorgeous, rock it out and have a lava flow for me by the end of the night! 


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Tutti said...

Oh M!!! you have reduced me to tears! Happy tears. You are such an amazing friend and I thank my lucky stars (daily) that you are in my life. Get ready for a Tami-sized hug when we get back out to your coast. Xoxo