Monday, April 26, 2010


So this weekend was awesome.  I wish it could have lasted longer, because I could have taken every last second of relaxation possibly available.

WE FINALLY DID IT!!!!!  Hubs and I got our very own KitchenAid Professional mixer, and oh heck, we're already in love with it.  Don't ask me quite yet when the first time will be that it's used, as I'm already feeling a bit intimidated by it's awesome-ness.  Hubs made a special spot for it on the counter and it's so pretty to look at.  I promise I'll post a photo of the first official 'something' that gets made in it.  And after a back-and-forth of which color to get, we stuck with neutral and got white.  It was going to be graphite for sure, until I saw Barefoot Contessa's show and her ultra clean kitchen and shiny white mixer- the decision was made.

And the other big event of the weekend.................I completed my very first half-marathon!  My personal goal was to finish all 13.1 miles non-stop all the way through, no stopping to walk, no stopping to strech, no stopping on the hills, just do it.  And I did it.  I also wanted to be within the metal time which was less than 3 hours, as it was something my sister really wanted and she's been my training partner and somewhat of a coach throughout the whole process.  We got our metals.  I can't really explain the accomplished feeling it brought to me.  It's been months of training and keeping to a strict schedule, and it all paid off.  I couldn't be more proud of myself and more honored to see how proud my husband was of me.  Thinking of him waiting at the finish line for me was one of the biggest motivators to finish, and my sister kept reminding me of it as we continued through our miles.  I couldn't ask for a more.  It was a very memorable day.

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