Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Preparation

It's Friday!!!!!  And since the beginning of this year, Friday really means Friday for me and my work schedule ( I have ALWAYS worked weekends)!  I still "work" weekends on Etsy orders, but as for driving to an office, discussing design with clients, wearing heels- Nope, I get weekends off from that type of work!

So I am soooo looking forward to a lunch date with hubster on Sunday- can't wait!  While he attends the LA Comic Con on Saturday, I will get in my last long 12 miles run with my sis before our half marathon next weekend- YAY!  Then I'll be working on Etsy orders and helping my sis prepare for Zach's 3rd birthday party on Sunday in the evening.  My nephew is turing 3!!!!  Seriously, where has the time gone?  Can't help but love the little dude, especially when he runs out of the house as we leave to give big hugs and tell us he loved us (to my husband and I - awwww)!

On a random note, I know I may get grief from free-spirited bride's here, but really....................what is up with the staches?  This mustache fad has got to fade eventually right?  It's been ongoing for over a year now- photos on blogs, photographer's sites, magazines.  I am totally over the damn things.  I understand it's a little light-hearted fun, but in the end, not my taste, not my style, so glad I will not be looking back showing my children photos of the stache.  Absolutely no offense is meant toward bride's who love the idea.  In respectful S&S fashion, the identities of the following bride's have been disguised:

Someone please come up with a new trend not involving faux facial hair- FAST!!!!

Lovely Monograms:

I've been working with PW bride Mandy the past few days on monogram designs.  She asked me to "think peacock" in terms  of design.  Little did I know, she didn't mean for me to interpret it literally, just in terms of color.  She's not a fan of monograms with images incorporated in them, so the first options with feathers weren't quite her style.  After some clarification, we simplified them and stuck with classic designs.  It was such a fun process!


Courtney said...

Oh I am so with you on the faux facial hair! Also over wearing animal masks. I guess maybe I just prefer things a bit more au naturel and classic? Anyway, have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Oh yes Courtney- with you there on the animal masks. Sometimes I ask, is this a wedding or a circus.....really?

;) Thanks for the post- hope you are enjoying your weekend!

jenstillinak said...

I am also 100% with you. Who the heck wants a fake moustache in their pictures?!? I know it's just light hearted fun, but your wedding?!?