Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Turning 3 day to Zach!

Today is my nephew Zachary's 3rd birthday!!!  I cannot believe how huge he is!  Seriously he has grown up so fast!  I know most parents say that, but being his aunt, I can still remember the first time I held him (I flew out to the East Coast where my sister and her husband lived at the time when Zach was 2 weeks old).  Time has surely flown by, and little Zach is no longer little, he's growing up, having full conversations now, and giving hugs!  I'm so glad we live close by now so that we can share in the joy that both him and his brother Alex bring- just something about kids that makes you smile!  Aunt Shelley and Uncle D love you Zach, hope you have an awesome day of turning a big boy number!!!

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jenstillinak said...

Awww, he is adorable! Being an aunt is the best, I can't imagine living far away from my niece and nephew - what torture!
Happy Birthday Zachary!