Wednesday, April 14, 2010


-Going to the dentist to get a crown is never a good thing (yes, I am doing this today- boo).

-I do not prefer to squish spiders that have made way into the house, it's a job for the hubs, but when he's not home, I must suck it up!

-Driving behind dillweeds whose maximum speed is below the speed limit or who have expired their smog check is really annoying.

-My husband is awesome!

-I wish I could wear sweat pants to work, and heck, a sweatshirt too.

-I've tried to resort to only drinking my Starbucks fraps on the weekends, and have failed miserably.

-One day I will get our office/work room in better order, but it probably won't be within the next month.

-I will have new photos printed for the frames around the house, and this must be done within the next month (long overdue, it's spring and we should not be looking at a pumpkin photo from 2 years ago).

-I seriously need to get going on business cards for S&S, it's driving me nuts not having them.

-Every single day I look at my wedding photos with such content- that day was perfect and so will all the other days as long as I have D by my side.

Have a happy day!


jenstillinak said...

Ahh, I feel your pain Michelle! I need to get 3 crowns, and I am just ignoring that I need them. Even with my insurance I still have to pay $500 a crown! Wedding is much more important than a crown in my mind, sorry teeth!

You don't even want me to get started on bad drivers.... They are my most despised enemy.. :)

I love how cute you are with your hubs!

Michelle said...

Aww thanks Jen! I hear ya- when in wedding mode, nothing else seems that it is of the uttmost importance (like teeth)- haha!!!