Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to the Grind

This long weekend was so nice, involving a much needed extra day of relaxation (sort of).  This weekend entailed a bit more work to be done than anticipated, but was still surrounded with comfort food and pjs.

It seems like this is the time for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, the kick off of summer always brings so much to do.  What ever happened to going to the beach every weekend with no agenda, towel and sunscreen in hand?  Those seem to be the simpler days.  I'm hoping hubs gets his tire replaced on his beach cruiser soon so that we can spend lots of time riding bikes at the coast this summer. 

I have lots of exciting news coming this week in the S&S Etsy biz, more to come throughout the week!  I'm off to pick up my biz cards from the post office- I can hardly wait to see them!  Why did they attempt to deliver them on Saturday when clearly no one is home on a holiday weekend and then leave me the torture slip of picking them up today (because yesterday was closed for holiday).  Argg!  Yet, at last, I will have them in my hands very soon!

I came across this awesome photo below and I'm loving those tights!  It's a branding ad for a company, but I think the idea, design, and color scheme are oh so thoughtful!

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