Thursday, June 24, 2010

Natural Children's Wear

Oooopsy, it's happened again, life gets crazy and posting gets light!  Ugh, I miss my little blog when I don't get to post daily!

So, not that I have baby fever- I've just been noticing sweet things lately.  I've decided that the clothing line from Suvi Ainoa is more than awesome!  I've decided that when hubs and have our first child, whether it be a boy or girl, the child will be wearing the awesome linen suspender pants- so adorable!

Photo via Design Mom of Suvi Ainoa

We also attended a baby shower for hub's friend, whose wife is due in August with their first child- a boy!  I actually had a blast pulling together a goody box for the baby, as I became pretty resourceful and was stoked on how it turned out.  I think I may have even mumbled "Dang, this is awesome, I'd want this if someone made it for me"!  Oh really, did I say that?  Um yeah, I was just that excited!  Here's what hubs and I came up with for them:

It was a bath set including a hippo animal bath wrap from Pottery Barn Kids, a bath cleansing set from PB kids, baby brush set and Q-tips, white Organic Gerber onsies, Mommy calling cards I made her using the elephant design from Restoration Hardware Baby and Kids to include her name, email, and phone number.  Everything was put together in a natural grass cloth box that could be used in the baby's nursery for storage.

What do you think?  If you were expecting, would you enjoy this box?


Faith said...

i would LOVE it! you are so crafty! i enjoy seeing the things you come up with!

jenstillinak said...

OMG, I love it! I have gotten that same Hippo towel for a few of my friends with kiddos, it's always a hit. I really hope they make a monkey one when we have a little one, how cute would that be? Although I love the hippo.. Choices, choices! Great gift!

Yanyan said...

Thank you for liking Suvi Ainoa. I was looking at the shop referrers report and noticed your blog post. Do let me know when you have a baby, will be more than happy to make the suspender pants just for him or her! Yanyan (