Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Memories

So, there's not a simpler way to put it- but yes, I lag on getting our wedding photos up around the house and printed out.  We have not one wedding photo displayed in our home!  How bad is this?  It's been almost a year since D and I got married and it's time to get crackin.  Photography was our number one splurge/must have for our wedding, yet we have not fully taken advantage of the amazing results we received.  We cannot be more stoked with our photographer Ian Shepherd of Photographer's Hawaii for capturing so many special moments of the most perfect day.  Perhaps there are just too many photos we love, that we cannot be selective as to what we should display.  I don't want to turn our home into a wedding shrine, but I do want to choose a few special ones.  Oh the choices!

Any ideas on which one should be framed and placed on my nightstand?


Faith said...

OMG!! I love them all! Your wedding was absolutely stunning! One of my most favorite weddings, EVER!

Hmmm, so tough to choose. I would put the fifth one on your night stand! Put them all on your nightstand, lol.

p.s. we don't have any wedding pics up either. we will change that when we move in a few weeks!

Our Family said...

I think the first two are a must. Love them!

photogirl said...

Gorgeous! For the nights tand..ya'want a little rrrrrrow! So, I say 4 or 5. ;-) xo

jenstillinak said...

Ha ha ha, that's funny cause my house is totally going to be a wedding shrine!! It's already somewhat a Jen-n-Clayton shrine with our photos that we got last summer. But yeah, after the wedding it will be bad. Perhaps I should get a TV so that I can put our wedding video on a constant loop also? :) I figure it's only a matter of time before our house becomes a shrine to kiddos, so might as well look at ourselves for now!