Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Randomness IV

Photo: oldcrowfarm on etsy

1.  Who enjoys wearing gladiator-style sandals that strap all the way up your calves???  Who really finds this comfortable, or cute?  I'd like to know one person to convince me.

2.  I like the smell of mini colored marshmallows, those little pastel colored ones that you really have no reason to buy because as an adult with no children (yet), what on earth would you be buying them for?

3.  My hubs will forever continue to use the word "Confidence" out of context as a running joke of my sewing machine's collection brand.  "Have some confidence" or "Are you confident in what you're making today"- what a booger.

4.  Again, very few people should wear white pants- like a VERY select few.  And those who do, how about wearing the proper undergarmets.

5.  I like foggy mornings- they urge me to want to get my usge Starbucks, wear a cozy sweater, and browse online.

6.  I'd like the DMV to explain to me why I should make a trip to their annoying, smelly, over-crowded office to renew my car registration since I did not receive my registration notice in the mail.   And why did it take 20 minutes to connect to someone on the telephone to tell me this?  Hmmmm.

7.  I'm really hoping to re-connect with my beach cruiser this summer- that sassy little pearl pink bike has been negelected for way too long.  It needs some love and I need some exercise.

8.  No one, I repeat, no one should even entertain the idea of using a weed wacker or blower before the 8:00 AM hour.  I don't care if I've been awake for hours and it's 7:00 AM, I don't want to hear that beast in the morning.  Give me some time to get outta dodge before annoying an entire 2 block radius.

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