Monday, June 7, 2010

Party Hardy

So this past weekend brought loads of fun, busy times, but fun!!!!  It was my sister's 30th birthday surprise, a BIG one for sure, and her friend and I threw her a surprise party at the YardHouse downtown.  It was a blast and she was completely shoked, so I memory-booked it as a success!  Although being the classic, prompt lady she is, she didn't want to be "late" for a dinner she thought would involve just the three of us, so I couldn't stall her long enough to show up before we had hoped and not quite all the guests had arrived yet for the big horray!  It was still a great time, and I'm so glad we got the chance to do this for her since she'll be moving to Colorado in the Fall and I'm not sure how many more birthdays I'll be able to be present for to celebrate!

The classic crown I made for her to wear!

Sis (on left) and me (on right)- my hair is GAWSH AWFUL!  Don't you hate when you spend a half hour on curling your hair for a function, just to arrive downtown, get hit by a fog bank, have to walk blocks to the restaurant, and show up looking like a hawt mess??!  Darnit!  Not to mention the gnarly shine on my face.

Goody bags I made for the guests

Inside were chocolates- yum!

It was a great weekend.  Lots happening in the Etsy world as well, more on that this week!  Let's try to have an awesome Monday!  Can those two words be allowed in the same sentence?  Hmmm, may have to re-think that!

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Faith said...

aww, you are a great sister! i love that crown you made her and those goody bags!