Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Here......Really

Chaos has been the past few days, and so shall the rest of the week.  Etsy is keeping me busy this week yet again, but as I continue on projects and re-connect with past clients, it keeps the excitement rolling (Jen, you know I can't wait to make your sign)!!!

So with keeping busy, I still find the little things around the house that poke at me, wanting to be done.  We still need to update several photos in frames, spruce up the bed with an additional Euro pillow and possibly new sheets, paint and re-upholster our French desk chair, and most likely lots more.  We did invest in some new sofa pillows from Pottery Barn and OH I'm loving them so much!  Keep in mind this is a big step into store-bought pillow covers, as I usually make them myself (I guess that's what busy will do to ya).  Here's what we picked out:

Bamboo buckle pillow in white:

Solid pillow in fresa blue

Coral pillow in blue

And we bought this white one last winter, but still loving it!

Small steps in updating the house, but it's comfy, hubs and I have each other, and at the moment we are content with that!  By the way, when I throw around the word "house" loosely, I'm referring to our apartment!


Faith said...

i'm loving those pillows! i want that coral pillow in blue! thanks for reminding me that i haven't bought any pillows for our couch! :)

jenstillinak said...

Ahhh, I saw that coral pillow on PB and totally thought of you! I'm so glad you got it!