Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Natural Loves

So, people, have you ever found a natural or healthy product that is so amazing you can't get enough of it??!  This has happened to me more than once recently, so onward with the sharing:

Hubs has used Paul Mitchell Tea Tree hair products since way back, I mean way back when we first met like over 10 years ago.  Yes.  He's used these products, yet just recently did he emphasize the awesomeness of them to where I tried them myself.  OH MY FREAKIN GOSH.  I don't want to use anything else now.  The realness of the "tingle" your scalp gets, a fresh minty clean smell.  Ok, let me see if I can describe this how hubster did.

He says " You know that fresh minty taste you get in your mouth when you chew a strong minty gum"
Me: "Uh huh"
Him: "That's the feeling you get, but on your head"
Me (thinking): Hmmm,   mmmkay
Me (actually) shampooing my hair:  HOLY - S !!!!

So, if you actually spend time shampooing, I'm talking for a few minutes both shampoo then conditioner, you get this awesome sensation of coolness on your scalp- really you just have to try it to get the full effect.  Even when you towel off after your shower, the air hits your head and it's the most refreshing feeling (is this not like a commercial)?

Another WOW find came after a quick trip to the health market Henry's.  Funny enough, hubs and I were looking to pick up a dessert and I scouted some awesome looking cookies, I could just tell these things were going to be good just by looking at them. They looked soft, fresh, and the flavor being peanut butter chocolate chip locked me in.  They were such a must-have item that we picked them up off the shelf without even seeing a price listed for them (this is saying a lot since frugal me is always looking for a deal)!  They exceeded my expectations and better yet, they are a vegan cookies with less fat- does that mean I can eat more in one sitting?  Uncle Eddie's Vegan Cookies are made with highly quality and organic ingredients:

I hope to keep these finds rollin.  Funny how exciting a simple find can be.

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jenstillinak said...

Oooh, I am a bit of a product whore, so now I'm gonna have to go try this shampoo! I keep going with the same shampoo and after a certain amount of time it just doesn't do the job like it should anymore. Thanks for the recommendation, I always love to hear what other people like!